Rev. Lilah Wolpert, Healer and Spiritual Minister

I was called to create a community through a series of dreams and was first given the symbol of a White Rose during 2020. I have since felt called to start bringing people together in order to create a spiritual community based on respect, integrity and compassion where each person is supported through their own spiritual journey and awakening of their hearty centre. My community offers a sacred space to share my spiritual teachings from the White Rose spiritual lineage. The community is based in Cape Town where I hold regular meditations and group connections.

I also have an online community "Starburst" which is aligned to the activation of your light and offers you insights into how you can move forwards in your path of ascension and awakening. This online community is global and holds members from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Belgium. Australia and the United States. Please click the following link if you feel called to join my online community Starburst Circle of Light


Community of the White Rose Cape Town


If you are a resident in Cape Town, as part of my Community of the White Rose offerings, you are invited to join my beginning of the month "Sharings from the Sanctuary", hosted by the Rondebosch United Church in Rondebosch, Cape Town. These are non-denominational gatherings in which I share teachings from Spirit and in which we engage in silent meditation & healing circles. If you would like to know more about these sharings please email me on

My community is held within the highest vibration of my own soul and that of my Guides. I honour the spiritual team I work with and I am continually grateful for their ongoing assistance with this Community's healing and ascension. Every persons journey is unique and I merely act as a guide to share my insights and teachings so that you may connect to your Hearts voice and Soul Wisdom.


My own journey of awakening was intimately connected to the opening of my heart field and I believe this to be a fundamental aspect of any persons spiritual journey. 

My intention is to build both an online & in person community which not only supports you, but also inspires and encourages you to fully express your authentic self and the "Light that is You" into the world, and to awaken within, your highest vibrational potential to be of service to the world for the good of self and all.

We are entering into a phase of human evolution where it will be seen as the era of the soul, and we are being called to awaken into that aspect of ourselves. I hope you will consider joining me along this journey of discovery, connection and a path to #thenewhuman.


With love and blessings, Lilah